06 August, 2009

My Brand New Blog

I am excited about this little blog idea...but didn't know where to start. I have to admit, I wasn't too keen on the idea of starting one. Writer's block before even having an idea of what to write isn't good...

Well, my friend Jade (aka JFV or Nina) showed me this blog www.naturallynina.com and said it reminded her of me.

I looked...and was hooked! There were fun photos, cool/creative ideas, cute quotes. The list goes on and on. So, off into the world of blogging I have decided go. Does anyone ever feel like the things they say they never will do (for me, starting a blog, wearing 3/4 shirts,etc...) are what you end up doing...

...and loving? Let's hope!

Now what to write. Again, finding inspiration from Nina, She did one on 16 things about herself. For my inaugural blog ( I feel like I should be sworn in), here are 16 things about myself:

1. My middle name is misspelled. I have come to love it. Although my name is part of my heritage, I find it hilarious. I mean, it totally could have been spelled ANMA instead...and that just sounds weird.

2. I like to come up with nicknames for people:
Mom=Madge Padge
George=D-Tiddlly, d-tizzle
Karley=Quay Quay, Quay diddly
Karin=Karin (I'm trying to come up with something. She use to hate nicknames...but has warmed up to the idea now...any help?)
Erik=Dixie (although I can't take credit for the nickname..it just stuck)

3. I like to vacuum

4. I have started to love sweet potatoes. I used to think they could only be baked in a dish with marshmallows on top. WRONG. They can be seasoned all sorts of ways and a quite delectable.

5. I love sunsets. I think they are the most relaxing and beautiful times in the day. A Blue moon also goes great with a sunset...they pair together very nicely!

6. I didn't get my license until I was 17. Frankly I was scarred to drive but the day I was able to drive myself across the highway where I had a terrible car accident I saw driving as freedom and not such a scary obstacle.

7. I'm a stroller. I like to walk and generally walk slow....I'm not a "trotter" who looks like they could break into a running stride at a moment's notice. Although, if the occasion arises (or I'm running late) I have more motivation.

8. I like sounds. Odd? Maybe...but let me explain. I like the sound of certain things. The sound of turn signals, fans, and horns are all intriguing to me. For instance, the non-hollow sound of the Macy's cash registers. The buttons have a particularly solid tone when the keys are hit. That, to me, is how the keys should sound. Pair that against, say the cheapest cash registers at Best Buy and they have a very thin/airy sound. When I was little, I wanted to work at Mervyn's so I could use the cash registers.

I digress..

9. I started taking dance when I was a Junior in High school. It was so fun. I even danced my freshman year of college at basketball games. I need to get back into that.

10. I am the youngest of 4 girls. We all have "K" names. If I have kids I haven't decided if I would follow on in that tradition.

11. I could spend all day in TJ Maxx and Michael's. So many fabulous ideas, so little time. I do best when I'm on a mission for the coolest thing for the cheapest. If I accomplish said goals, I definitely get the "Booya SuCKAS" attitude because I just spent way less than everyone else!

12. I'm creative. I haven't really honed down what that means for me...but I like to create things. I worked with an event planner in Orange County and loved setting up events. Making a scene/environment out of a blank canvas was soo cool. I would like to dabble in that more. Until then, my room mates will just have to suffer with me:)

But I also like to play instruments and sew...SEW (get it??!?!) we'll see!!

13. The movie that I cried the most at? The stoning of Soriya M. Heart Wrenching....Good Lord....

Full on snot blowing everywhere, red in the face (hot date right?!?). The movie was a true story of a woman who became an inconvenient wife. Because of schemes that were devised against her, she was stoned to death by the men of her village.

If a movie is based on how emotive you are watching (do you want to fight for something, are you happy/sad?) then the movie was a good film. But, I still don't like that this was a reality for a woman who did everything she could to help her family...and still had no voice.

15. Coffee+Me=match made in heaven. I gave a speech in college about the difference between a latte and a cappuccino. There is huge difference...maybe I could write a whole blog about foam? OK!

16. I am about to turn 25 (gulp). It is very scary/but a little exciting. I don't want to be a blob on a log...and part of me feels I have been doing that. New Year's..err I mean Birthday resolutions to come.

What are you 16 things (or 17, or 25)?

Thanks for reading!

Much love,