21 April, 2010

A family Reunion

When I was younger, I didn't know the difference between a family reunion and a family tradition. I thought that since "family" was said each time, they were inter-changable words.


Well, a family reunion (aka tradition) started when we were all really young.


One year my dad forgot to get candy because we had "grown out" of the easter egg hunting stage and WW III almost started. From then on, it is a must come Easter.

We have now incorporate more folks into our reunion. It was so fun!

Kar, I wish you were there!

16 April, 2010



It's official...I am 'out of the closet' with my love LOVE L-Ah-LOVE for the Steve Miller Band.
They are probably one of my all time favourite bands.

Here are my two fave songs:

1. Rock'n my baby
2. Abracadabra

Listen and Love
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15 April, 2010

Motorcycle Gang

Some days I want to be apart of a motorcycle gang.

I don't really like motorcycles...granted I've only ridden once on the back of a bike so I really can't speak from experience. The thought rather frightens me. I've been mixed up in cars-that-have-turned-into-tin-cans-in-a-split-second and the thought of becoming road kill isn't that appealing. I mean, how much is the leather really going to protect me?

What is appealing, though, is a motorcycle gang. On Sunday, my sister and I (and Misto, of course) walked around Sloan's Lake. It was fabulous. Warm, a little breezy, etc...

I kept noticing groups of two or three motorcyclists riding (not racing) down the street together. They all were dressed similarly,had a rouged appeal, and some sort of item (hair, bandanna, etc) flowing in the wind. Who wouldn't want that combo?!?!

I wanted to trot along side them and ask if they had story to tell or where the tattoos came from. They are experiencing the world in such a different way then an air conditioned car, or the slow pace of walking.

Is that totally wrong to want to live vicariously through them? Seeing as I never would really want to be a biker or ride a motorcycle

Maybe in my next life I'll be totally into it!

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