15 April, 2010

Motorcycle Gang

Some days I want to be apart of a motorcycle gang.

I don't really like motorcycles...granted I've only ridden once on the back of a bike so I really can't speak from experience. The thought rather frightens me. I've been mixed up in cars-that-have-turned-into-tin-cans-in-a-split-second and the thought of becoming road kill isn't that appealing. I mean, how much is the leather really going to protect me?

What is appealing, though, is a motorcycle gang. On Sunday, my sister and I (and Misto, of course) walked around Sloan's Lake. It was fabulous. Warm, a little breezy, etc...

I kept noticing groups of two or three motorcyclists riding (not racing) down the street together. They all were dressed similarly,had a rouged appeal, and some sort of item (hair, bandanna, etc) flowing in the wind. Who wouldn't want that combo?!?!

I wanted to trot along side them and ask if they had story to tell or where the tattoos came from. They are experiencing the world in such a different way then an air conditioned car, or the slow pace of walking.

Is that totally wrong to want to live vicariously through them? Seeing as I never would really want to be a biker or ride a motorcycle

Maybe in my next life I'll be totally into it!

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