19 October, 2009


I think I may be geting into plants. Yesterday, my dad gave me a geranium. Three days before I bought an orchid.

Here's a back story, I used to be "anti-plant." More or less a snotty attitude that I would get my fingers dirty or touch a worm. I don't think I actually ever touched a worm but the thought of it kept me away. But, I'm learning that I really enjoy it. I'm not too sure how to care for plants, but I guess that is what dads and websites are for, right?

Here's a website for all things geranium

I plan to make two gardens that will maybe/hopefully bloom and grow in the spring. Until then, I will stick with my indoor, potted plants. Just like a little seed, I need to grow in my knowledge and general skill of "outdooring" in the future. My mom and dad grew arugula, tomatoes, and other yummy things and I am thinking, "why can't I do that!?!"

So here's to learning how to do planty stuff!