30 July, 2010

It's all happening...

...so fast!

This is it folks. I am packing up and moving to Sacramento, CA.

That's right, me the doggy are headed out west via I-25 and I-80.

I'm reminded of a post I wrote back in January. I felt as though I was at a cross-roads and wanted to take the different, less troden path. That is what I'm doing.

It might not be the preverbial unbeaten path, as it is Sacramento and loads of people live there. But, I'm doing something that is brand new for me. I don't know what to excpect, I don't know fully what I'll be doing, but I am ready for it.

To quote "UP"..."Adventuring out there!"

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13 July, 2010

A lovely Surprise

I was horrible about blogging whilst in Sweden. I was just having too good of a time, you know?

Honestly, I had preconceived notions about what this trip was going to be like. I thought that I would not be able to understand what was happening and that I would get lost. A lot.
This picture is of a long corridor that I had to walk through in the Frankfurt airport. Looong only begins to describe it. Notice how the photo was fuzzy? That's how I thought I would feel.

But to my pleasant surprise, it was not the case. I just followed the green walking signs and looked for colored signs and walking arrows. I was met with English (makes me feel bad for not knowing a second language) And I was met with smiling faces! I was also had my own cute little cup holder that held a myriad of beverages. Those German's are smart! HAHA!

Here are some extended family members...photo taken at probably 10:30 at night.

More to come on my experiences...but instead of feeling like an outsider in a foreign country, I was welcomed with open arms. It was a great experience!