10 September, 2010

09.09.10 Heaven Bound

Today marks a sad day. One that I'm not sure how to handle. A piece of my known existence has left. Almost all of my childhood memories involve him in some way.

My dear, sweet Farfar went to be with the Lord this morning; he was 98 years old. I'm not sad for him, because I know he was ready to go..but I'm sad to loose his physical presence.

One of his paintings hangs prominently in my bathroom. It is a painting of a small portion of the central coastline where he and my Grandma lived. He had wanted to toss it, but I have loved it ever since I set eyes on it so he gave it to me:)

I love,love,love this painting.

There are many plants in the foreground but the ominous oceans lies in the background. Three seagulls seem to be in a quandary about staying on land or venturing out to sea.

Farfar planted a lot of seeds here for our family. Seeds that helped us each grow individually and collectively. He planted seeds of wisdom, loved his family, and sought to be a student of life until the very end. He brought his family over to America and blazed a new trail in a foreign country. He explored all things art and ventured in new businesses as well.

My sister Karley said it best...His passing is just another new adventure that he's paving the trail for the rest of us to follow.

He is like the seagulls in his painting with a slight twist. He's not lingering over land and sea anymore but it flying onwards and upwards towards Heaven.