03 December, 2009


Here's what I love about Christmas:

1. Tree! It looks so fab with white twinkle lights

2. Making presents. I'm making some fun things using magazines and glue. Stay tuned
3. Music. Um hello, it makes me want to sing, alhtough I'm not sure how good my voice is
4. Two words: RED CUPS! OMG, I think I need to start a collection of red cups and get one each year. Something about the starbucks cheer is so exciting. Their theme this year is Wishing. One little ornament says, "I wish everyone could see how much they have in common." Isn't that cool? Mom, if you're reading this, you can make it a tradition:)
5. Did I mention a Christmas tree?
6. Wrapping presents with "themes." Each year I choose a scheme on how to wrap. This year's theme...for me to know and for YOU to find out.


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