15 May, 2011

A Fun Flight

I tend to be a nervous flyer. I like the idea of flying...getting somewhere fairly quickly, not a lot of additional days have to be taken off for actually getting to your destination.


I seem to be a magnet for weird flights and/or seat neighbors. My last flight to Colorado proved to be no different. I was lucky enough to get a window seat. That always seems to help with the queasy feeling that pops up it's ugly head during turbulence. Long story short, I had an older gentleman sit next to me that proceeded to eat funions (sp??) during the entire trip. I've personally never tried them, but by the smell, I never want to. He also leaned over my seat numerous times to take photos out of the window.

Stranger+funion breath+invading my already limited space=nauseous Kim

But it was all worth it because I got to see some very dear friends of mine and witness my sister's graduation. So dispite the anti-fun(ion) plane ride,it was...true to form...a quick flight and was over quickly.

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