11 January, 2011

Lessons on Living

Since moving here I have learned a few things. I decided to devote some of my next blogging posts to these new lessons. I hope you enjoy.

Yesterday marks my 5 month anniversary to moving to California. Thus the idea. Dang, time has flown by. Speaking of flown, I have flown more on an airplane since moving to Sacramento than in my total years living in Denver. That either shows I have no friends or am becoming more adventurous.

You can take your pick.


Lesson 1. CRV tax.

Wtf? Why do I have to pay $1-$1.20 extra for a case of D.C. D.C.=Diet Coke. Here I think I'm getting a good deal at Safeway for the "buy 2 get 1 free" deal. It's NOT a deal when I have to pay this tax...per case. Grrrr. Maybe it's a subtle way of hinting that I shouldn't be drinking D.C. But sometimes a girl just needs one, you know?

{Photo is the Soderholm clan, minus Karin, on Christmas Eve 2010}

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