23 January, 2011

Lessons on Living (Pt. 2)

So, I've noticed a few things since moving here to Sacramento...here's another one.

Fog and Rain and Moss.

I've only lived in Southern California and in during the Winter months, Southern California doesn't have a lot of weather change. It remains mostly the same.


since moving to Sacramento I've experience my first Northern California winter. It's nothing like Colorado, but I have noticed a few things. Like IT'S COLD! It's rainy! It's foggy!

When I mean cold, I mean it's really cold. I got rid of a lot of jackets and coats because I didn't think I needed them. But I was way wrong. It's wet and always damp. The sidewalks are even turning green from the moss and moisture.

Word to the wise. If you come visit me in the near future, make sure to bring a rain coat, umbrella, and scarf and you'll be glad you did!

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  1. it gets so cold! miss you tons! windbreakers are your best friend there!