16 February, 2010

The Best Valentine's Day

I just had the best Valentine's Day. Not because it was romantic or gushy. It is because I got to spend it with people that I love.

Last weekend consisted of a jaunt out to one of my favorite areas...San Fransisco and the East Bay. Yay! More to come on my adventures later.

I was staying with Natalie (RA/friend in crime/shopping buddy/soul sister/coffee drinker) but was able to venture into San Jose for the actual love day. I spent it with Bre and Rose...both whom are dear friends from my college days.

We talked, ate, talked, drank coffee, talked, laughed, talked..you get the idea.

My heart was so filled with love. I was able to reconnect with those two girls who know my heart and there was a peace about seeing them that I can't even explain. I wasn't sure if I'd see either one and the surprise of both was sweet!

As cliche as Valentines day, I was reminded how treasure-filled true friendships can be.

In the words of outkast, "happy val-en-tine-'s day...haaaaapy valentine's day. Every day's the 14th..."

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