08 February, 2010

Gold Spray paint

Over the weekend, I let out my inner painter and got to work. I am helping with a fundraiser and the theme is Masquerade. Yahoo! Let the gold spray paint do some work.

To keep the cost as low as possible, I have been trying to get creative with the decorations. While all things decorations are important to make an event come to life, it is so crucial to use what I have so the most money can be put towards this humanitarian cause.

Well, what I found was that gold spray paint is my friend. Maybe best friend but I don't want to leave silver out.

Here's what I did:

1. Spray painted sticks/small branches. These will be put into big vases to hold the ornaments

2. Spray painted huge Christmas balls. I have a BUNCH of large Christmas bulbs. Since the colour scheme is reds and metallic, I took the other colour balls and spray painted them. These will hang from the spray-painted sticks

3. Spray painted canvases. Well I painted the canvas a neutral off-white and then sprayed on top, making sure to see the off-white around the edge of the canvas. From there I hand painted a giant mask. So easy and so fun!

4. Made table runners out of gold wrapping paper that I have. The big vase decorations will sit on top ot the runners. Looks great under dim lighting!

Total cost? $5 for two cans of spray paint. Using materials I already have and voi-la, centerpieces and decorations are done-zo! I still might spray paint some more bits but that is the "look" i'm going for.

Mmmmm, what else could use a fresh coat of gold?

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