25 February, 2010

Necessity is the mother of invention

In my case, the necessity was cookies. Oh my!

I love cookies but rarely make them myself. Last night whilst I was wandering in my local market, I had a idea!

Most of the time when I want a cookie is in the afternoon...not when I'm home at night and either a) have to mix ingredients or b) be aware of the timer so I don't burn them.

My thought? Buy the pre-made cookies that you just break off and bake and bake them in toaster oven at work. Brilliant! This particularly fantastic machine has temperature settings (200-450 degrees!). Today, in the midst of doing work, I attempted to bake them.

First try=burnt

Second try=crispy on the outside, uber gooey on the inside

Third try=fabulous! I turned down the settings so it wasn't so hot and they turned out golden bubbly.

It made the office smell great and was a fun treat to share.

Mmmmm, now what else can I bake at work?

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