04 March, 2010

My Favourite Things

Hello waddle friends!

I have been in a posting funk...not able to think of creative or inspiring things to write about. Well, I'm going to get myself out of the proverbial writer's funk with a week's worth of:


P.s. I love the European spelling of favourite, it seems so regal
P.s.s. I now have the song from Sound of Music in my head "..I simply remember my favorite things,and then I don't feel (rest, rest) soooo bad."

To start off this exciting week (well for me at least) here is one.

I love making cards and envelopes. I love making cards, sending them, and storing them away for a rainy day. Say, I find an envelope with a diamond ring...I'll make the envelope and save it for when a friend gets married or engaged.

I like that each card or envelope is different. I mostly just tear out magazine pages and then get to envelope folding. Not only to I relieve some stress whilst doing it, but it is so simple...not to mention meaningful to those that receive them.

It is so different that the usual stack of bills and junk mail.

Here's the real reason I love cards. I think it's important to write down meaningful messages to others so they can always refer back to it. Don't get me wrong, spoken words are just as important! But on a bad day, isn't it nice to read a note from a loved one?


There is just something about a hand written note. A person's personality shows through as well. With all the high-speed, fast paced communication I like to slow it down and create a little piece of love (from start to finish) that can be sent via snail mail.

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  1. your cards are always so lovely! best christmas present this year:)