18 March, 2010

Favourite Things # 6

Recently I have been feeling funky. Anyone else?

But, in my reflections, I have come to find another favourite thing. On my way from downtown Denver, there is a portion of road that almost feels like a roller coaster.

You have to hit it at just the right speed and it is awesome!

Denver has a lot of one way's, one way's that become two way's, etc.... This particular stretch is on 8th street, in between Spear and Sante Fe. I must be in the far left lane.

The road is full of big bumps...but not in the "this road needs to be repaved" type of way. I think it's because of the drainage "sitch" that they need to have the different sways in the road. Regardless, it is sooo fun to drive fast over them and maybe play some Annie Lennox to really feel the speed. If the weather's nice, I might just roll down the windows too.

Foxy (my car) and I have a lot of fun.

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