10 March, 2010

Favourite Things #3

I seriously get thrown back into the Sound of Music every time I write "Favourite Things"

Here's another favourite thing.


They are


My sister's give me a hard time because I "lean."

(please insert reference from the movie "While You Were Sleeping" for this quote. "Are you okay, 'cause it looks like you were (insert hand at a 45 degree angle)Leanin'").

If by leaning, it means I give prolonged hugs, then YES I love to lean. Give me a good squeeze any day and I will be good to go. Quoting "While you were sleeping" also brings a sub-favourite thing. Ok, it's another LEGIT favourite thing.

QUOTING MOVIES. It's great...you should try it. I'll save another post for that.

Have a Hug-a-licious day!

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