19 March, 2010

Favourite Things # 7


14 years ago, Friday, I was in a terrible car accident. Caught in one way, highway traffic with no where to go, the car i was in was broad-sided at high speed.

I was at the point of impact and sustained multiple injuries. After a week in the head trauma unit at Children's Hospital in Denver, I was released. I had multiple stitches across my eye and behind my ear. Not to mention a deadly blow to the head that landed me near death.

Thankfully, everything was just a close call. As serious as all injuries were, I still have my sight, my hearing, and most (haha)of mental capabilities.

It always makes me grateful for the men and women who helped in my healing. My face has no visible scars ( I can see them, but it's not evident) and through careful monitoring, the "head" doctors determined I needed no surgery. I also have a protector up above who was keepin' an eye out for me!

The anniversary of this accident always humbles me and makes me grateFULL of the life I have been given.

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  1. Kim, I have found your blog. I will be following :) love Rach.