12 March, 2010

Favourite Things #4

My sister, Karley, turned my on to these lovely lotion.

It truly is phenominal. Here's what I like about it:

1. The bottle is glass, so when I'm done with the lotion, I can remove the labels and it goes with my whole decorum. Or, I have something that I can etch. Yea!
2. Aroma-freaking-therapy. I used to think it was a bunch of who-ey but it is is fantastic.
3. The Sent...is Eucalyptus Spearmint. Not too flowery (yikes) but just the right amount of goodness (i.e. if I don't want to wear perfume, this can totally suffice).
4. They also make great gifts.

So, thank you Karley (aka Quay-Quay) for turning me on to this fantastic lotion. It has been life-changing!

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