05 January, 2010

Coffee Machine

One Word...alright, two.


I have recently become in love with my local Savers. I have found wonderful things for the kitchen and it was proven yet again on my last adventure. I call it an adventure because I never know what I may find.

I was first introduced to Savers when my life long, co-hort in crime, lawn mowing, ice cream eating, cello playing, friend...Stephanee told me about it. We had always gone to different thrift stores growing up, but this one was close to Biola (our university) and thus easy to get to!

When I moved to Lakewood, I was pleasantly surprised to find a SAVERS practically around the corner. Ummm, ok! My first adventure consisted of finding 3 matching jars. I was looking for something to put flour, sugar, and coffee in and Voi-la! Super cute!

Ok, now to the second excursion. Our house had a small, four cup coffee maker. There is nothing wrong with it, but it would be nice to have something that could brew more in one sitting should we have guests over. To my wonderful and fabulous surprise, I found one! A stainless steal and black machine of G O O D N E S S! $5.50. Can you believe it?

It makes a sweet little beep when the coffee is done brewin' and it looks cute.

So, moral of the story? Savers...

It (Savers, I mean) can smell weird but if you "push through" there are some gems to be had.

I can now enjoy 12 cups of coffee...should I ever choose too.

Photo credit:briancromer

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