20 January, 2010


Let me introduce you to my dog...Misto.

He came to me from this no kill shelter in Denver. I was thinking that I wanted a "love muffin (aka my dog's nickname)" but wasn't really sure what I wanted, nor what kind of dog I would like. I knew it would have to be a smaller dog and no barking. I wasn't in hot pursuit of a furry friend but thought it could be fun.

My roommate Rachell and I were in a local strip mall and happened to see a mobile shelter. She asked if "love muffin" was in there, I freaked out for a second, and then we went to have a look. I spotted a cute little dog from afar. As I approached her living quarters, shrieking barks pierced my ears. No thank you. I'm all for cute dogs but not ones that bark. Ugh. Ms. Yappy's neighbor happened to be peacefully sitting in the sun, the barking not interrupting his peaceful nap at all. I called for the little love and he came to the door. I loved him. He was quiet, calm, and I found out soon enough that he LOVED to be held.

Fast forward to today, and I have Ms. Yappy's neighbor as my own (sans the yappy neighbor!). It was literally love at first sight. He is what I needed to help me as I sort through this thing called life.

Misto himself was hard to name. His name at Max fund was "Wojeck." Ummm, that's not really my style, but thanks for trying!

It's soo much pressure....Ah, I'm buckling! Will he have to go through counselling or will he get picked on at school for a crazy name??!?! HA-HA, not quite but that did almost cross my mind. Misto was named for my favorite drink at Starbucks. The equivalent in all other coffee shop's to a cafe au lait, the misto is a mix of steamed milk and coffee (and I always get hazelnut and vanilla flavoring as well). My dog looks like the color of coffee and milk and he's my favorite. But it's more than just my favorite drink. That drink is like home base for me. Always good and always right and always warm. That's what this little guy has been to me. He's not always good or right(we're working on that) and he's not always warm (hence he was given a jacket for Christmas) but he's always ready to love.

The photo on the right is Misto's first hiking excursion. He is donning the jacket that my sister, Karley got him for Christmas. He is very metro and PROUD OF IT! Work those polka dots Misto, OWN IT!

On this Wednesday Wahoo, he's what I'm thankful for. Misto is curled up next to me on the couch and I am thankful to have such a true love muffin.

Editor's note: We're still working on the whole training thing. He can sit but that's just about it. He likes to follow me everywhere I go but sometimes he needs to stay. Anyone have ideas?

Editor's note #2: He even has a burnt orange name tag with accompanying sage green collar. Great color combo if you ask me!

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