13 January, 2010

Whole Foods

I love Whole Foods.

I wasn't ever that keen on it until this year, until moving to Lakewood, until having a room mate who loves Whole Foods salads, and until realizing one was so close!

I'm not necessarily a fan of their high priced food (i.e. I can't buy all my food from there), I'm more inclined to the atmosphere that's created. Great lights, natural smells, people carrying their reusable bags. It's fabulous.

Specifically, there is a section of the store with tables and chairs and many recycling bins. I love it there. Well, I guess I mostly love the conversation that is had whilst sitting at those chairs, drinking coffee that's placed on the tables, and staring at the recycling bins. They even serve ALLEGRO coffee. OMG, it's fate!

**Insert tangent** My first job in high school was for the Eye Opener Coffee Shop in Niwot, CO. We served ALLEGRO coffee. It is highly delicious and addicting. Locally roasted, the espresso is especially choice. I've not seen too many places in the Denver area with this coffee available so it was so exciting to find!

Oh, and by the way, I named a cat I had ALLEGRO for two reasons.

1: He's lively, as is the meaning of Allegro
2: It's the coffee we served at The Eye Opener. Isn't that cheesy? I loved it!

Who knew a grocery store could be a go to place for such bliss?

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