06 January, 2010

Embellished Keys

...Are so F A B U L O U S!

Just think, you're walking to your front door after a hard days work. The wind is blowing, snow is even sticking to your eyelashes. You have are fumbling at the door trying to find which cloned key is the correct one for your door...before you die?!?! Just kiddding, but it can be kind of R O U G H!

How about embellished keys? Not only do to they look cute/charming/vintage/PRACTICAL but they are essential because you can feel which key you need. No more waiting out in the bitter cold with face and hands freezing. Isn't that brilliant?

I have one for my house key and just love it. It's a little more sparkle and less vintage than the photo above, but my local key-fixer-up shop didn't have any thing quite so delicious. Could these be easily made?

(photo credit:imagesbykim)

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