18 January, 2010

New Computer/Day off

Oh how lovely a new computer is! I have been unable to "blog on the go" so to speak for quite a while. I also haven't been able to upload any photos, which is quite sad. I remedied that on Friday so I can blog/photo/music away.

Today, I am sitting in my local Starbucks...enjoying the cloudy/sunny/dog walking kind of day. As our country celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. I celebrate with the day off. Yay! I got to spend some good times with my cousin Pete this weekend...it is really a treasure to reconnect with family. I truly love it.

On the list of agenda items?
-clean my room
-do some laundry
-get some Thai food
-take Misto for a walk

It's really nice to have a three day weekend.

Photo Credit: Stephen, Pete and I in Minnesota

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