12 January, 2010

Gold Necklaces


I am generally not a gold person, but for some reason, I have come to love a particular gold locket. My life long friend and soul sister, Lynn, got it for me for Christmas. I just love it. It goes with everything. I like having a piece of jewelry to cherish. I have three pieces of jewelry that speak the most to me. Either because of the significant or meaning...I wear them all the time to remind of things. This necklace is cherished most because of who gave it to me.

I also think gold necklaces go well with friends (do you like how I came full circle with this?)

My gold necklace is something I love to wear, it has lots of meaning,and I would be sad without it. Same would be for these lovely ladies that are in my life and pictured in this photo. I love to have them near (I would wear them but that just sounds awkward! Yikes!) and would be sad without them. They are special gifts!

Photo Credit: Angela Jackson

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